Reliable and trustworthy advice, straight from current medical students.

Applying to medical school isn’t easy. It’s unfair that some students have to go it alone while others get much more help from people who already know how it works.

There’s lots of steps in the application process and it can feel overwhelming. This website is created by current students to share trustworthy, real advice about what it’s like to apply to medical school.

We’re a group of students living across the UK, meeting regularly as a team to write and share the best advice.

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InsideUni Medicine is part of the bigger organisation InsideUni, which is a nationwide not-for-profit organisation empowering students to share amazing advice about applying to university.

InsideUni Medicine was set up through a partnership between InsideUni and the Medical Schools Council in 2022, so this is still a growing project, with new medical schools joining every year.

Collaborating with unis

Initially, we worked with five medical schools and this year we are working with fifteen.

Our founding medical schools were:

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